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There's nothing you can ask us that we haven't been asked before

Will you road trip the photo booth?

Sure thing! Shoot us a message and can discuss the details. Ruby is getting a little tired in her old age, so we try to keep her off her feet as much as possible, nonetheless, she loves a good road trip and we'd be happy to bring her there for your special occasion. 

Do you print photo strips at the event? And can I get extra copies?

Yes and Yes! You'll leave the photo booth with a strip of fun photos in hand, and can request a reprint of your strip at anytime during the event. But, if you got a little caught up in the party and forgot to scoop up more photos, it's no biggie! We will create a public (or private) online gallery for you to view, download, and share your photos. Pictures available electronically for social media sharing as well!

Where did the inspiration come from to start this business? 

We have always enjoyed the nostalgia the VW Bus captures, and the era they come from. We attended a wedding a few years ago and found a beautiful photo bus onsite. We instantly fell in love with how an era of buses we so loved, was being used in a way that captured the joy individuals experience at a wedding. After almost a year of searching, Ruby appeared, and it was love at first sight!

How far do you travel?

We are based in Bend, Oregon and will travel as far as 45 minutes outside of town before we have to tack on a little delivery fee to pay for all of Ruby's road trip requests (she loves her Andy Capp's Hot Fries and Charleston Chews). For pricing questions simply send us a note!

Can you drive the photo bus?

Absolutely! We drive Ruby to every event she attends, but we slowly push her into indoor venues.

Can you personalize the photo strips?

Heck yeah we can! Your photo strips will have a small Bend VW Photo Bus logo printed on them and a note on how to access your digital photos. We can also add your company or event logo to the bottom of the strip as well as any other verbiage your heart so desires. 

Can I change the background color in the bus?

Sure thing! If you have company colors or an event theme, we will match those as closely as possible. 

Can I rent the bus for a photo or video shoot?

Stop it, you're making Ruby blush! But of course you can! If you have rented the photo booth for your event, we can set a bit of extra time aside for you to snap photos with her, as long as you share the with us (hehe)! If you've got something else in mind, like using Ruby for her good looks and not as a photo booth, we can also work with that (we really don't so 'no' to anything). Special rates apply for these sorts of commercial shoots, let's chat about it!

Can we use our own props?

Of course! Just be mindful that whatever your bring inside the rental photo booth isn't especially sharp, long or pointy ie. a Game of Thrones valyrian steel sword replica or pair of skis may not be ideal for the fabric headliner. But beyond that, you've got free reign to bring along whatever spunky props and costumes you have in mind!

My event is inside, can the photo bus get inside?

That's a real good question! Ruby is 72" wide (shh, don't tell her we are posting that on the world wide web!), so as long as she can fit through the door opening, we are driving on in! You should also run it by your venue host to ensure we have their approval to setup inside.

How much space do I need to get the bus inside?

A standard set of double doors (with the center support bar removed) is about 69", and that should be just fine. But if you think it may be a tight fit, we would really love to arrange the site and scout the scene with you. Once inside, the rental photo booth will occupy approximately 10' x 20'.

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